Who are we ?

Daniel Argelas created his range of cosmetic products certified by ECOCERT after having studied naturopathy, phytotherapy and Chinese medicine for over 20 years.

This care method was born from his collaboration with Christian Farinella, an expert in traditional Chinese medicine and herbology.

“These long years of studying, thinking, observing and experiencing have allowed us to understand the cellular life cycle of our skin and scalp, conditioned by our environment.

We have found out that the regeneration, degradation and elimination cycles of our cells unfold to the rhythm of nature’s seasons.

This process is a natural, healthy phenomenon for it is about the balance and the beauty of our skin.

The first stage of our approach is the correct diagnosis.

Secondly, we establish a personalized care protocol which will balance the effects of seasonal manifestations without blocking them and thus restore the necessary balance for the vitality and the natural healthy shine of your skin.”

This expertise is transmitted to our partner distributors via special training courses which enable them to provide customer consultations and advice in a professional manner.