The changing seasons have an impact on the cellular regeneration of our skin.

The cycle of cellular regeneration parallels the seasonal climatic changes:

  • Winter: produces the essential nutrients required for healthy skin and hair.
  • Summer: the skin utilizes the essential nutrients that were produced.
  • Spring and Autumn: periods of transition in which nutrients move between our body and the skin/scalp in the spring and in the opposite direction in the autumn.
  • End of Summer: a short period of elimination of the skin and scalp cells having lived intensely during the summer.


Manifestations on our skin and scalp

However, our lifestyle often imposes upon us a rhythm which causes excessive manifestations or manifestations opposite to the current season. It is difficult to follow the natural recuperation period provided by autumn and winter. We often unintentionally engage in activities that are disruptive to the skin’s natural cellular regeneration cycle.

This is why we sometimes discover that our skin or scalp is greasy in autumn or in winter. In this specific case, we have to use spring products in autumn and in winter.

Manifestations on our skin and scalp